Nacho Umbert

© Javier Jubera

© Javier Jubera

Hailed as the most original singer-songwriter in the country, Nacho Umbert releases his new album, the third since the beginning of his solo career five years ago. Published by Fina Estampa, Familia contains nine songs that revolve around the concept offered by the title, that magical game of mirrors that confronts us with our past, our present and our future.

Starting with a story about his grandmother and Barça’s frustrated signing of Argentinian football legend Alfredo Di Stefano, the Barcelona singer-songwriter swings through his family tree, cassette in hand, to create a repertoire that, produced by the faithful hand and mastery of Raul Fernandez (Refree), brims with magical local folklore and chamber pop.

Wrapped in the exquisite design of illustrator Javier Jubera La Rioja, Familia certifies the enormous capacity of the former leader of Paperhouse to stop watches and ignore calendars. Starting with the celebrated Ay ... (2010) and its younger brother No os creáis ni la mitad (2011), his work seems to exist in a parallel time, oblivious to speed and vertigo, with references to Bill Callahan, Kurt Wagner, the most intimate Sufjan Stevens and, in general, those sad cowboys that he cited in the acknowledgments of his debut album.

Barbarossa and Cary Grant, furtive loves and key chapters in our distant past, some cousin or other and all the umbrellas in England in 45 minutes of refuge when pop offers shelter.